17 Ways Consumers are Changing

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We would like to encourage new Arlington Council members to read our Welcome to the Arlington Council guide which contains suggestions and guidelines for maximizing your business networking success.

Arlington Council Resource Posting Guidelines:

  1. All items must be approved by the Board before posting to the website
  2. Topics should be limited to (3) per month by any given author or board member to encourage diversity of subjects and authors
  3. Topics must not unduly promote any given company or product, and should be written in such a manner as to promote professional development among Arlington Council readers
  4. Items that are posted should follow guidelines for the mission of the Chamber and the Arlington Council. These can include, but are not limited to:
    • Increasing sales or promoting networking
    • Financial topics of interest to the general membership
    • Other areas of business interest to the general membership (operations, marketing, demographic analysis, motivational topics, etc)
    • Unique or otherwise little-known areas to promote above items (websites, blogs, etc that adhere to these guidelines)
  5. The guidelines above are to be used as a general template, which can be amended based on board approval

Health Reform: Can Congress Cure Our System’s Ailments?

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Are Rising Healthcare Costs Making You Sick?
- Bob McKenzie, President, McKenzieHR,

The rise in healthcare costs seems to be the topic on many employers, employees, senators, congressman and any political representative minds lately. As if we don't have enough on our minds already with the unemployment rate increasing and the fear of job security, we toss in the on-going and ever increasing rates of healthcare costs. Yet most businesses, health insurance providers and our representatives in Washington are not encouraging or implementing any programs that could help alleviate some of these costs. Read Full Article

Top Ten Ways to Increase Your Sales Immediately
- Content from Starr Hall, Publicist/International Author/Speaker,

Have you looked at your sales pattern over the past 12 months? What is your sales average?  Do you even know how to calculate your sales average?  Calculate your gross monthly sales for each month and divide that number by 12.  Your gross monthly sales for 12 months divided by 12 months= comfort zone! Read Full Article

How to present an effective Spotlight Speech.

Many thanks to John Bryan, CEO of Improv! Corporate Workshops for conducting this presentation at our first luncheon of 2009.  Download PDF version